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Smith Ranch in Julian is California State Curriculum friendly. Students will learn first hand about the environment, the water cycle, what it was like to be a pioneer in a new land, what the gold rush 49'ers (in Julian, the "69'ers") faced, and how vital transportation was.

We look forward to not only helping you meet the California standards, but exceed them as well. Program director Greg Smith has a California State Teacher's Credential and has a wide background in history, technology, working with youth outdoor programs, the sciences and more. We look forward to being your partner in education.

History-Social Science Standards for California Public Schools addressed:

  • Kindergarten  K.1.1-3; K.2; K.3; K.4.1; K.6.2-3
  • First Grade  1.2.2; 1.2.4; 1.3.1; 1.4.2-3; 1.6.1
  • Second Grade  2.1.1; 2.1.3; 2.4.1; 2.4.3; 2.5
  • Third Grade  3.1.1-2; 3.2.2; 3.2.4; 3.3.1-3; 3.4.3; 3.4.6; 3.5.2
  • Fourth Grade  4.2.7; 4.3.3-4; 4.4.1-3
  • Fifth Grade  5.7.5-6; 5.8.1; 5.8.4; 5.8.6
  • Eighth Grade  8.6.1-3; 8.8.3; 8.8.6; 8.12.9

One of the reasons why we ask for grade level is so we may match the students' field trip experience to their grade's curriculum. This gives them a different experience each year they return.

"Smith Ranch...building American Pioneers one child at a time!"

 Pioneer Boy hand pumping water




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